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Scott Hansen

Digital Advertising Consultant

Data is key.

Analytics in Business Concept

In my years as a marketing and advertising ​professional, I've learned that data is the difference ​between companies that survive, and those that ​actually thrive.

My data-driven approach has transformed ​businesses, dramatically improving their metrics, ​sales, and most importantly, brand awareness. Take ​the leap, dive deep into data, and get the results you ​want!

About Me

I've worked in the fields of marketing, advertising, branding, ​and design for over two decades. My clients have ranged from ​Fortune 500 to emerging start-ups.

I’ve built, led and sold for a multitude of ad:tech companies ​and remain singularly focused on helping brands leverage ​technology to maximize return on ad spend (ROAS). I also built ​and sold a successful full-service agency and thrive with clients ​willing to establish the right foundation for advertising success.

Throughout my tenure in the advertising world, I’ve remained ​passionate about staying ahead of the latest trends in ​technology, while remaining true to core marketing principals ​that stand the test of time.

what i offer

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Data ​Visualization

Let's fix up your dashboards and get you the data you need to make crucial decisions.

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Let me point your business in the right direction, using a mix of foresight and insight.

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Thought ​Leadership

Use my years of experience and ​invite me as a speaker to your next ​seminar or conference.

Let's collaborate.

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